loyalty program


How It Works

Welcome to the customer loyalty program! Exclusive to LOCALS ONLY!


30% off Discount:

  • Must Reside or Work in KEY WEST. Must provide a valid KEY WEST ID, utility bill, or current paystub proving residency or employment.

10% off Discount:

  • All Military. Must provide valid military ID.

  • Residents in Monroe County, Florida. Must provide a valid ID for proof.

Green Room Loyalty Program Sign Up

The Green Room offers discounts for Key West residents, Monroe County neighbors, and our Military! However we need to get some info from you first.

Please enter your full name, phone number, email address and proof of residency or employment below.

In less than a week, you’ll be notified via email to come collect your new loyalty card to take advantage of immediately!

Terms & Conditions

Once we have issued you your very own Green Room Membership card; from that day forward, you will hand your bartender your GR card to receive the kick ass local discount. This card has your personal information on it and will only be used for you as an individual. No other person will be able to use your card for security purposes. Unfortunately, if your card is not present when ordering a drink, we will not be able to honor the discount at that time. So, make sure you always carry this with you. You never know when you’ll be thirsty! If for any reason this exclusive card gets deactivated or damaged please return the card to one of our awesome bartenders. If you card is lost or stolen let us know in person as soon as possible so we can deactivate your card and get you another one.  They will be happy to replace it the first time for free. The first additional time, there will be a $10 replacement fee. Any additional times thereafter will be a $20 replacement fee. As always, our membership is the best local membership in town and all our members must follow the house rules. Anyone found not following the house rules may be subject to lose their membership.